Pulau Tiga – Survivor Island


Pulau Tiga – Survivor Island

Pulau Tiga is also known as ‘Survivor Island’ after it was made the location for popular television series, ‘Survivor’. Pulau Tiga is a quaint island retreat that offers opportunities to experience nature and at the same time enjoy the serenity of this pristine and unique island off the coast of Borneo.

There’s plenty to see and do here –spend the sunny days swimming or snorkeling in its clear turquoise waters, explore its underwater treasures via the many diving courses available around the island, indulge in some water sports or simply relax by the beach just enjoying the sun, the sights, and sounds of the ocean. You can even take a nature trail trek to a Mud Volcano area.

An especially recommended trip while you are on Pulau Tiga is to the nearby ‘Snake Island’: some 20 minutes by boat from Pulau Tiga. It is a breeding ground for various amphibious sea snakes. These snakes can usually be seen coiled in tangled masses under boulders or among tree roots. Even though the snakes are not aggressive the trip to SnakeIsland will add some spice to your journey, knowing that these snakes belong to the most poisonous in the world.

Tempurong Golden Bay is an undeveloped quiet beachfront resort. Golden Bay has located at Tempurong a place that abounds with coconut, Tempurong original intent was coconut shell in Malay, therefore there is also coconut town’s reputation. Nearby Aboriginal race subfamily coastal neighbors, they are fishing for a living, and go every day at sunrise and sunset, living the envy of the bustling city idyllic life of leisure. You will be enjoying lunch at Tempurong Golden Beach Resort whilst embracing the beauty of the beach.           


  • it is advisable to bring towel, sun lotion, hat and drinking water, Sunglasses and etc.

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FULL-Day Tour



  • Tour Category: Day Trip
  • Tour Type: Shared Basis English Speaking
  • Tour Duration: Approximately 8 hours
  • Departure: Everyday – Min 02 Max 16 persons
  • Start / End: Kota Kinabalu


  • Pulau Tiga


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